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Every time I sit in Tee’s chair, I know I’m going to get the best quality hairstyle I could ask for. She has never turned me down for crazy colors or unique designs, and the level of color specialty she exhibits is beyond words. The colors stay vibrant between appointments, my hair stays touch-ably soft, and I truly feel she values me as a client, not just a paycheck.  I put a lot of trust in her for my first regular color, and she has never disappointed. She’s the best of the best.

Hunter Thomas Hill

Seeing Tee is an experience all about trust. I've noticed lately, when I go in to have my hair done, I forget to really tell her what I want. She knows me, the amount of time I spend on my hair (get up and go), and she knows my hair. I close my eyes and relax while she works. I have no reason to be anxious. I trust her as an artist and a person. I enjoy her kind spirit while taking time to have myself cared for. When I open my eyes all is perfect. I know, without a doubt, I will do nothing but wash and wear for the next 8 weeks or so. I will love my hair every day thanks to Tee. At about week 6 I start wanting to see her again, but it isn't because my hair is in any special kind of need. I just want to see Tee again. It's a bonus knowing she will help me bring one of my best features to life. Tee is stuck with me and my family for as long as she will have us. We love her that much.

Kathy Barber

Tee is everything you want as a hairstylist. She’s incredibly talented, warm, and a great conversationalist. The first session I had with Tee felt like I left with a new friend AND fabulous hair. It’s important to note that I am incredibly particular when it comes to getting my hair done. I drive 40 minutes to see Tee after many failed attempts at finding someone who can do my hair closer to home. She gives a great cut and can execute great color.

Johanna R.

I spent years trying to find a consistent hair dresser to do my hair. Each person over the years just seemed to fall a little short of what I was looking for. With that being said, Tee has now been doing my hair for the last couple of years and she checks every single box when it comes to finding the perfect hair dresser! Not only does Tee take her time to make sure your hair is perfect before you walk out the door, she has the best personality and is super easy to talk to! Tee’s quality of work is exceptional. My hair has never felt or looked better. I always look forward to my hair appointments. Tee has been a blessing in my life in multiple ways… and she will be in yours too! Do yourself a favor and book with Tee!


Madi Asher 

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